Cafetiere Brew Guide

sanctuary coffee brew guide using a cafetiere


How to Brew: Cafetiere

Serves 1

What You’ll Need:

  1. Cafetiere
  2. Two spoons
  3. 22g (or two big scoops) of coarse ground coffee
  4. 300g (or one generous mug) of off-boiled water
  5. Scales (optional)

Add enough filtered water to a kettle to fill one mug and let it boil.

After the kettle has boiled, let it sit for a few minutes to cool slightly.

If you have scales, add 22g (or two big scoops if no scales) of coarse ground coffee to a french press.

Add all 300g of your off-boiled water to the cafetiere (or enough to fill your mug).

Give the cafetiere a good stir and let it sit for four minutes to brew.

After four minutes are up, give the french press another stir, before scooping off the top layer of foamy crust.

Pop your plunger on, and firmly press downwards.

And that’s it! Enjoy black or add your favourite milk.

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