Moka Pot Brew Guide

moka pot


How to Brew: Stove Top

Serves 1

What You’ll Need:

Bialetti Moka Pot

Fine Ground Coffee

Filtered Water

The moka pot is one of the most accessible coffee makers on the market but has a misunderstood rep for its ability to make coffee.

We think, when used properly, this coffee maker is simply BRILLIANT.

The maker comes in three parts:

  1. The upper chamber
  2. The coffee bed
  3. The lower chamber

Unscrew the upper chamber from the lower chamber.

Remove the coffee bed from the lower chamber.

Fill the lower chamber with filtered water to just below the level of the pressure valve.

Pop the coffee bed back into the lower chamber.

Add your coffee to your coffee bed and level out the grinds so it’s nice and evenly distributed.

Screw the upper chamber back onto the lower chamber.

Sit the moka pot upon your hob and leave on a medium heat.

After a few mins your coffee will start slowly pouring from the spout in the upper chamber.

After 15-20s of pouring, turn the heat off and serve!


Easy as you like!

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