What does Sanctuary Coffee do?
Sanctuary Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that uses its profits to support animal sanctuaries and rescues around the UK.
Which sanctuaries do you work with?
We aim to work with as many sanctuaries and rescues as we can. Each coffee we sell raises money for the charities on the product page on our website. If you are an animal sanctuary or rescue and would like to learn more, please get in touch with our co-founder, Rhian at rhian@sanctuarycoffee.co.uk.
Do you offer subscription coffee?
We sure do! We'll be adding a more detailed subscription service in the future with plenty of fully customisable features (but that's a heap of work!) so for now feel free to subscribe to our coffees as they are or reach out to hello@sanctuarycoffee.co.uk for updates on the new service.
Do you sell decaf?
Yes! We stock a seasonal selection of decaf coffees.
How much do you donate to the animal sanctuaries?
Each bag sold donates £1 to the coffee's associated sanctuary. To ensure each sanctuary is able to receive adequate funding, we will rotate our coffees on a seasonal basis.
How do I dispose of your packaging?
Our coffee bags and labels are made from 100% paper and totally plastic free. To make recycling as easy as possible for our customers, please recycle with your paper recycling at home. We ship our products in either fully recycled and recyclable cardboard or paper postal boxes or mailer bags. 
Where can I support you?
At the moment we are currently shipping to mainland UK whilst we get started. We hope to commence international shipping as soon as possible.