Fifty Three
Fifty Three
Fifty Three
Fifty Three
Fifty Three
Fifty Three

Fifty Three

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Fifty Three is a special lot from El Cerro in El Corazon, Peru.

Expect tasting notes of Peach, Lemonade & Black Tea.


Each bag of Fifty Three raises money for the rescued pigs at Beneath The Wood Sanctuary in Tregaron, West Wales. Founded in 2009 by the very inspiring Sasha Bennett, Beneath The Wood is now home to over one hundred pigs and other animals. In early 2019 they undertook an epic rescue as part of a high-profile case that rescued fifty three pigs from truly horrifying conditions. 

Some names of the fifty three pigs are: Faith, Hope, Pumpkin, Rainbow, Spottie, Veevee, Herbie, Daisy Lea and Jess.

The cost of caring and feeding so many animals with special requirements is a huge challenge and relies entirely on donations. It costs almost £5000 a month to feed the pigs! £1 per bag will be donated to this unique and amazing sanctuary.

You can read more about Beneath The Wood on their website here


Origin: Peru
Farm: El Cerro
Cultivar: Yellow Caturra
Processing: Washed

Efrain Carhuallocllo Salvador owns 4 hectares of land in the El Corazon village in Chirinos district; and is one of the most innovative producers in all of Peru and his farm and wet mill are run with extreme care and precision.

Efrain competed in the very first Cup of Excellence competition in Peru and placed 2nd, and many consider his to the be the best coffee of that competition, even though it didn't win. Prior to and since competing in the CoE Efrain has won a number of local and national competitions and is most likely the most decorated producer in Peru.

Efrain grows caturra and gesha varieties and whilst he does not apply herbicides or pesticides, he does apply chemical fertilisers to improve his productivity. Once picked Efrain's coffee is fermented for 24 hours before being washed and dried, great care is taken over the drying, making sure the coffee is dried slowly and evenly for better longevity. In Efrain's drying area it usually take around 25 days to dry.

Fifty Three is a delightfully balanced coffee, perfect for espresso or filter brewing. This coffee showcases a sweet, citrus-forward acidity and a long lasting black tea finish. Perfect by itself but absolutely brilliant paired with your favourite milk (our favourite is oat!).