Our Story

Hello, hello, hello! We are Marcus, Dionne and Rhian! We are the founders (and hound-er) of Sanctuary Coffee. 



Our Mission

Each year animal rescues and shelters in the UK have the task of rehoming almost one quarter of a million animals. Sadly, most of these rescued animals are unable to be resettled and over time this can put enormous financial strain on so many sanctuaries.

Sanctuary Coffee exists to do something about this.

By using our coffee sales as a force for good, we invest a share of our profits into rescues and sanctuaries all over the UK to help take the financial pressure away to help give every animal a healthy and happy life.

Our Coffee

Our 100% specialty coffee is what makes this project possible. And in fact, by selling just over 50 kilos of our coffee each day, we can raise enough money to cut the average rescue centre’s essentials bill in half each month.

Firstly, our coffee is responsibly sourced from importer partners or directly with producers all over the world and fully traceable to farm. This assurance allows us to trade with confidence knowing that our farmers receive a better living wage; keeping the foundation of the industry going strong.

Each coffee is carefully and seasonally selected, then roasted by Marcus (a real bean-whizz) in London using small batches. This keeps our coffee fresh and waste low.

We then pack each coffee into plastic free paper coffee bags which can be recycled using your domestic, kerbside stream; or if you’re lucky enough to have a home compost heap.